Investment Process

Research & Analysis – of Various Cryptocurrencies

Software Code Analysis – analyze the evolving software code of various cryptocurrencies.

Utility Analysis – compare the usefulness of each currency’s code to rival cryptocurrencies.

Market Analysis – survey performance history and volatility relative to external events and events unique to each currency.

Liquidity Analysis – track trading volume history and its impact on price.

Acquire and Secure

Acquisition Strategy Development and Execution – use of X, Y, and Z methods to determine which cryptocurrencies merit investment.

Portfolio Balancing – calibrate holdings on a daily basis to ensure the portfolio maintains the desired weighting strategy, adjusting for fluctuating values. Offline Cold Storage of Digital Assets – High quality Tier-1 security software and procedures for storing cryptocurrency holdings.

[Partnership with leading vendors in the cryptocurrency space to provide transparency]

Arbitrage & Liquidity

Execute arbitrage on 15+ cryptocurrency markets

Provide daily liquidity to bitcoin markets as a fee-based market maker

Risk Management

Monitor portfolio holdings daily to ensure they meet established risk parameters.

Opportunistically hedge bitcoin exposure – through bitcoin CME futures contracts

Manage uncorrelated returns from arbitrage & liquidity – ensure optimal proportion of capital management are devoted to arbitrage activities and market maker fee-generating services.

The description herein of the approach of the General Partner and the targeted characteristics of its strategies and investments is based on current expectations and should not be considered definitive or a guarantee that the approaches, strategies, and investment portfolio will, in fact, possess these characteristics. In addition, the description herein of the Capital Management’s risk management strategies is based on current expectations and should not be considered definitive or a guarantee that such strategies will reduce all risk. These descriptions are based on information available as of the date of preparation of this document, and the description may change over time. Past performance of these strategies is not necessarily indicative of future results. There is the possibility of loss and all investment involves risk including the loss of principal. The targets described are subject to change. The General Partner may at any time adjust, increase, decrease or eliminate any of the targets, depending on, among other things, conditions and trends, general economic conditions and changes in the General Partner’s investment philosophy, strategy and expectations regarding the focus, techniques and activities of its strategy.