Our Approach

The complexity of cryptocurrency as an emerging asset class provides opportunity to investors who understand:

  • The promise of blockchain technology to transform the global economy;
  • The value of cryptocurrency within a diversified investment portfolio;
  • The advantage of seasoned managers and market makers experienced at exploiting cryptocurrency growth, volatility, and uncorrelated return streams.

Bitcoin vs Other Cryptocurrencies

We currently believe bitcoin will outperform other cryptocurrencies due to its market dominance as a digital transaction medium, the robustness of its code, and its trading liquidity.

Yet since we also think all legitimate cryptocurrencies stem from the technological innovation that created bitcoin, we believe the early identification of other disruptive cryptocurrency issues (or “tokens”) can enhance returns significantly. By analyzing a token’s software code for utility, innovation, and the unique need it fills, we seek to identify cryptocurrency tokens that may clearly provide an order of magnitude increase in efficiency or value.