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Rockwell Capital Management
80 Scenic Drive
Orinda, CA 94563

The Rockwell Capital Group headquarters is located in Southern Utah and is strategically positioned in a U.S. disaster safe zone for added security protection of customer data, cryptocurrency management and disaster prevention.

The Rockwell Capital Group maintains its data in its own secure caged data racks in its local data center that is SOC I, SOC II, SSAE 16 Type II certified. It is also a Tier III data center that provides for 99.982 percent uptime availability.

Because of its location in a Tier III data center there exists fully redundant capacities for power, cooling, and connectivity with multiple, independent distribution paths. Tier III data centers also support maintenance activities and most unplanned events without interruption to its computing systems.

Rockwell Capital Group owns all of its data hardware and controls access to its data center equipment which is limited to approved Rockwell personnel who have been security cleared and given secure biometric access to secure caged data center equipment.